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Packages are usually dispatched within 24 business hours after receipt of payment. Beware there is sometimes an interbank delay. We do not receive money immediately in all cases.

Packages are mailed by carrier followed by a tracking number. The minimum delivery time is 48H but generally more (3 – 4 working days after receipt of payment). We remind you that working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The shipping costs include the preparation and packing costs as well as the shipping costs. The preparation costs are fixed, while the shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend that you group all your items in one order. We can not group two orders placed separately and shipping charges apply to each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risk, but special attention is paid to fragile items.

CAUTION: Packages are delivered to your Post Box and we are not responsible for the thefts committed from your post box or the maintenance of your post box. The parcels are scanned by your usual postman at the time of delivering. No refund will be given if the parcel is indicated as delivered by post.

Box sizes are appropriate and your items are properly protected.

Tracking your package

The tracking number is automatically sent to you at the time of shipment of your package. You can also check your tracking number in details of your order as shown in the photos below. The tracking numbers will be indicated 24H to 48H after receipt of payment.

You will be able to follow the routing of your order on THE SITE OF THE DELIVERING CARRIER .