iPhone 8 plus loudspeaker original
  • iPhone 8 plus loudspeaker original

iPhone 8 plus loudspeaker Original Apple

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The loudspeaker replacement for iPhone 8 plus gives you the ability to hear your phone ringing during calls but also to share the sound of music and videos with your friends.

The Tool kit and waterproof screen stickers are also available on our website.


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The Original Apple iPhone 8 Plus loudspeaker :

The replacement loudspeaker for iPhone 8 plus offers you the possibility of hearing your phone ringing during calls but also of sharing the sound of music and videos with your friends.

Diagnosis justifying the replacement of your loudspeaker:

You can replace your external speaker if you have the following problems:

  • You no longer hear your iPhone ringing during a call
  • Speaker sizzles when listening to music

The repair :

The estimated time to replace the iPhone 8 plus external speaker is 20 minutes.

Our expert advice:

Before closing your iPhone completely, we strongly recommend that you test the headset for several reasons:

  • Confirm your diagnosis
  • Make sure the speaker is in place
  • Ensure that the loudspeaker has not been damaged during transport

CAUTION: an external speaker no longer working can also be due to a fault in the charging connector because the iPhone 8 plus external speaker works through contact made with the charging connector.

In fact, if your diagnosis is not confirmed, you can simply open a Return procedure directly on the site in order to obtain refund from the loudspeaker who will not ultimately serve you. izziphone after-sales service will accept this type of product return.

You no longer hear or have difficulty hearing your interlocutor during a call -> Telephone to ear (internal earpiece) -> Loudspeaker mode (external speaker)

Internal earpiece / external speaker sizzles during a call

Before attaching the spare iPhone replacement part with the fixing stickers (screen, battery, connector ...), we advise you to test the part.

This test will allow you to know if:

  • Your diagnosis is correct
  • The part works
  • The part is compatible

Otherwise, you can request a return on the site via the contact form.

You will be asked to return the spare part to us. Upon receipt, we will contact you for the exchange, or the refund.

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