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iPhone 8 earpiece original
  • iPhone 8 earpiece original

iPhone 8 earpiece original


The internal replacement earpiece for iPhone 8 gives you the ability to hear your callers correctly. Dustproof grid located just behind the included screen (strongly advised to change it at the same time).

The Tool kit and waterproof screen stickers are also available on our website.


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The original iPhone 8 earpiece:

The replacement earpiece for iPhone 8 allows you to hear your interlocutors correctly.

Diagnosis justifying the change of your earpiece:

You can replace your earpiece if you have the following problems:

  • You no longer hear or hear your caller badly during a call
  • Earpiece sizzles during a call

The repair :

The estimated time to replace the iPhone 8 earpiece is 15 minutes.

Our expert advice:

Before closing your iPhone completely, we strongly recommend that you test the earpiece before closing your iPhone for several reasons:

  • Confirm your diagnosis
  • Make sure the earpiece is in place
  • Ensure that the earpiece has not been damaged during transport

Perform the test:

Here are the steps to carry out the test confirming your diagnosis:

  • Remove the pentalobe screws holding the iPhone screen
  • Gently lift the screen using the tools
  • Remove the metal plates covering the battery and screen connection
  • Disconnect the battery connector first
  • Then unplug the cables from the screen
  • Remove your screen (the earpiece is attached to the back of the screen on the upper part)
  • Remove the screws holding the earpiece (usually 3 or 4 screws)
  • Remove the small metal plate holding the earpiece
  • Gently remove the earpiece by shifting the facetime camera cable (be careful not to damage the Facetime camera cable)
  • Remove the facetime camera very gently because it is stuck on the dust grid and risk tearing it apart if you do not go slowly
  • Remove the dust cover
  • Put the new dust cover in place (make sure it is well placed in its space and very stable)
  • Put your Facetime camera back on the dust grid
  • Put on our replacement iPhone 8 headset (make sure you position it so that it makes good contact with the Facetime cable)
  • Replace the metal plate to hold the earpiece in place
  • Reconnect your screen to your iPhone
  • Then reconnect your battery
  • Don't close your iPhone
  • Turn on your iPhone
  • Make a call to test the speaker

CAUTION: an external speaker no longer working can also be due to a fault in the facetime camera because the iPhone 8 earpiece works through contact made with the facetime camera.

Indeed, if your diagnosis is not confirmed, you can simply open a Return procedure directly on the site in order to obtain refund from the earpiece which will ultimately not serve you. PhoneGlass Expert after-sales service will accept this type of product return.

Before attaching the spare iPhone replacement part with the fixing stickers (screen, battery, connector ...), we advise you to test the part.

This test will allow you to know if:

  • Your diagnosis is correct
  • The part works
  • The part is compatible

Otherwise, you can request a return on the site via the contact form.

You will be asked to return the spare part to us. Upon receipt, we will contact you for the exchange, or the refund.

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