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iPhone 6 plus full Original Apple screen


The full Original Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen is 1980 x 1080 pixels at 401 dpi. The full iPhone 6 Plus screen includes the speaker, facetime camera and home button preinstalled on the screen.

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iPhone 6 plus full Original Apple screen :

The iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Screen is 1980 x 1080 pixels at 401 dpi, it is composed of:

  • The black or white front glass
  • The Original Apple Retina LCD HD 5.5 Inch ( Logo does appear on the iPhone 6 Plus screen)
  • The screen frame is sticked with cold glue (detachment is impossible compared to NON Original Apple screens)
  • The dust grid to properly secure the facetime camera and speaker
  • The facetime camera
  • The speaker
  • The home button
  • The metal plate

TO KNOW: The full Original Apple screens have the sensor incorporated to the LCD, which brings an incomparable touch sensitivity and reaction. The glass on top of the LCD is just a glass (simply, a piece of glass). The glass is inseparable from the LCD Retina display, because they are glued in the factory.

While counterfeit or also called generic screens do not have the built in sensor into the LCD. The sensor is integrated in the glass, which causes the sensor bug. This is called sensor screen. The iPhone 4 / 4s screens were made like that. As well as the old iPad. In other words, put a generic iPhone screen on your iPhone 6 Plus is to put a screen quality iPhone 4 in terms of sensitivity and responsiveness of sensor.

Each screen is tested on 18 control points by our technician to guarantee you a quality product.

Diagnosis showing that you need to change your screen:

  • Your screen is cracked, smashed, broken or scratched.
  • Display defects such as black or multicolored spots, abnormal features (often vertical or horizontal) or dead pixels. In some cases, black screen but you still hear your iPhone ring or vibrate.
  • The screen or phone has been oxidized (water).
  • The sensor of your screen responds partially or not at all.
  • The brightness of the screen is defected.

To Repair:

The estimated time for replacing the iPhone 6 Plus screen is 20 minutes.

You won't need to keep some items fixed on the back of your broken iPhone 6 Plus screen because every parts is preassembled. Eventually if you want to keep the touch ID function, just keep your home button.

To test:

Here are the steps to perform the test:

  • Turn off your iPhone, remove the 2 pentalobe screws holding the screen of your iPhone, lift the screen gently and disconnect the battery connector first.
  • Then unplug the connector (s) from your screen.
  • Connect only the connector (s) of our screen to your iPhone and reconnect the battery.
  • Turn on your iPhone.

Check the LCD display functions as well as the sensor functions, facetime camera function, and speaker function.

Everything is fine ? Then finalize your repair. 

Doesn’t work? Turn off your iPhone, unplug your battery and reconnect your screen and then your battery. And reseat the screen. Put back the 2 pentalobe screws.

Make a Return procedure.

Indeed, the necessary test will allow us to know easily, in case of default, if screen has been damaged by transport and not while setting-up. The PhoneGlass Expert customer service will accept this type of product return. If this test is not done, we will not be able to determine if the issue comes from the setting-up or the transport and the responsibility of the setting-up and any deterioration made during the repair are under your responsibility (damaged connector, torn tablecloth, marked glass a round scratch because of a reversing screws...)


The Original Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen is guaranteed for life, except broken LCD / glass or oxidation.

Before attaching the spare iPhone replacement part with the fixing stickers (screen, battery, connector ...), we advise you to test the part.

This test will allow you to know if:

  • Your diagnosis is correct
  • The part works
  • The part is compatible

Otherwise, you can request a return on the site via the contact form.

You will be asked to return the spare part to us. Upon receipt, we will contact you for the exchange, or the refund.


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