iPhone 5 home button
  • iPhone 5 home button

iPhone 5 home button


The iPhone 5 home button will get you the functionality of the iPhone home button itself. This button is mounted in the same way as the Original Apple one.

The Tool kit also available on our website.


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The iPhone 5 home button:

The iPhone home button will get you the functionality of the iPhone home button itself. This button is mounted in the same way as the Original Apple one.

Diagnosis justifying the change of your home button:

You can replace your home button if you have the following problems:

  • The home button is cracked
  • The home button is broken
  • The home button is scratched
  • The home button does not work anymore

To repair :

The estimated time for replacing the iPhone 5 home button is 10 minutes.

WARNING, if you replace the Original Apple home button, the Touch ID function will no longer work. Only the Original Apple home button set at the factory can work with the motherboard that goes with it.

To summarize, this replacement button will get you the home button function and you will avoid using the virtual home button.

Before attaching the spare iPhone replacement part with the fixing stickers (screen, battery, connector ...), we advise you to test the part.

This test will allow you to know if:

  • Your diagnosis is correct
  • The part works
  • The part is compatible

Otherwise, you can request a return on the site via the contact form.

You will be asked to return the spare part to us. Upon receipt, we will contact you for the exchange, or the refund.

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