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iPhone 6S plus battery Genuine Original


Original Battery IPhone 6S plus Replacement Li-ion Polymer Battery 2750mAh 3.80V 10.45Whr. You will find with this new battery the full capabilities of your iPhone 6S plus.

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The original iPhone 6s Plus battery:

Replacement Battery for iPhone 6s plus Li-Ion Polymer 2750mAh 3.80V 10.45Whr.

The "normal" life of an iPhone battery is about 1 year before we feel the weaknesses. Indeed, lithium, degrading naturally, the battery will naturally lose its capacity over time.

That is to say: at the installation, you will have 2750mAh capacity but 2 months later, maybe the capacity will go to 2650mAh and so on depending on your use.

Diagnosis showing that you need to change the battery:

You need to replace your battery if you have the following problems:

  • Autonomy is very reduced
  • The battery discharges without using the iPhone
  • iPhone 6s plus turns off suddenly (example at 20%)
  • The battery is inflated
  • The iPhone 6s plus no longer charging

To Repair:

The estimated time for replacing the iPhone 6s plus battery is 20 minutes.

Our tips for use:

It is advised with lithium batteries to charge them completely and not to charge them partially.

It is best to wait until the battery has been discharged at about 5% before charging. And it is best not to let the phone go out completely otherwise you might not be able to turn it on again especially if you leave it a few days. it is important not to leave inactive for too long. Be sure to perform at least one full charge cycle per month (by charging the battery at 100%, then letting it drain completely). Never leave your iPhone in the sun or in a car in the overheated cabin (including in the glove box). Heat is the worst enemy of your battery. It is also VERY IMPORTANT not to leave the battery to charge when it is already 100%.

Our expert advice:

Before installing our new iPhone 6s Plus original replacement battery, we strongly advise you to test it before final installation for 2 reasons:

  • Confirm the diagnosis
  • Make sure that the battery has not been damaged during transport

Indeed, if your diagnosis is not confirmed, you can simply request a return directly on the site to get the refund of the battery. The PhoneGlass Expert customer service will accept this type of product return.

To test:

Here are the steps to make the test confirming your diagnosis:

  • Simply unplug your battery connector without removing or removing it permanently.
  • Put our battery on top of yours and connect only the connector of our battery to your iPhone.
  • Screw the metal plate over our battery connector with only 1 screw to keep the connector plugged in.
  • Remember to reconnect your screen (if you removed it)
  • Turn on your iPhone
  • Write down on a paper the current percentage of the battery and the time
  • Activate all connections
  • Come back an hour later and raise the battery percentage again

How to interpret the result? Under these conditions, your battery level should not have decreased by more than 3 to 7% per hour. If the battery level has decreased much more than that, then the problem of your iPhone does not come from the battery but from a charging chip set to the motherboard.

Indeed, if your diagnosis is not confirmed, you can simply request a return procedure directly on the site to get the refund of the battery that will not ultimately serve you. The PhoneGlass Expert customer service will accept this type of product return.

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